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JMAT Maths


In JMAT schools, we want all Maths learners to: 

  • Aim high and experience success;
  • Appreciate the influence of great mathematicians;
  • Understand the importance of maths in a complex and changing world;
  • Recognise and transfer mathematical skills;
  • Develop confidence, independence and enjoyment through conceptual understanding.


Underpinning Principles

The principles which underpin JMAT Maths:

1.Collective responsibility (EYFS to Year 6+);

2.National curriculum coverage for each year group;

3.Protected curriculum time and explicit planning across all subjects;

4.Ongoing assessment for, and assessment of, learning (PiXL);

5.A spiral approach to facilitate acquisition, consolidation and progression;

6.The front-loading of number and the four operations;

7.Strand variety and cross-strand links;

8.The interweaving  of problem solving and reasoning across all topics in addition to discrete opportunities;

9.The use of CPA for mastery;

10.Use of the seasons, the natural environment and significant events to enhance creative learning.


Progression in Maths

Maths Long term Plans

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