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Governing Body Decision to convert to Foundation status

As a result of a Governing Body meeting held on 23rd March 2016, we are advising parents/carers and other stakeholders of the Governing Body's decision to convert Bacton Primary, from a Community School to a Foundation School.

This meeting followed a four week period of consultation with staff and parents. A number of questions had been raised as part of this consulation answers on a range of issues such as: staff contracts, SEN, school expansion, curriculum provision and tenancy agreements.  Answers have been given and there are no issues arising from this process.

The governors reiterated that:

  • By becoming a Foundation school we feel this will give us greater opportunities to use resources to raise progress and attainment of pupils.  If we do not become a Foundation School there is a risk that this process of improvement will be constrained, given the changes which are taking place with the Local Authority.
  • With greater autonomy, the Governing Body would have freedom to shape the overall strategic direction of the school for the future. The Governing Body aspire to adopt an ambitious approach to achieve improved outcomes and life chances for the pupils.
  • As a Foundation school, it would have exempt charity status and therefore, would have greater freedom to seek funding from other sources and to form partnerships to support the school’s improvement agenda.
  • Changing the status of the school would invite new levels of challenge and support to governance and strategic leadership, by bringing another dimension to the work of the school, with more freedom to change the way the school benefits pupils and their families.
  • The move to Foundation status is part of a general trend for the Governing Body to have greater responsibility for the school, including for building works and premises issues.

Governors unanimously agreed that Bacton Community Primary School should proceed to the acquisition of Foundation status and to adopt the amended instrument of governance.

It has always been part of our strategic plan to seek greater independence for the school by becoming an academy.  The focus of our work to date has been to ensure a smooth transition to two-tier provision and to establish high quality teaching and learning for Upper Key Stage 2. However, two terms as a ‘full primary’ school, we now consider ourselves to be in a position to move forward and foundation status is, we believe, an essential first stage in securing greater autonomy and opportunity for Bacton.

Foundation status will not affect the day-to-day working of the school either for children, parents, carers or staff, and the school remains a local authority school.

Any comments, queries or questions concerning the proposed move to foundation status should be addressed to:  Donna Simonds, School Business Manager, at: